A Guide to Designing Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

Your engagement is a special moment and a memory that will last a lifetime. Therefore, it justifies having the details personally catered to the two of you on this momentous occasion, down to the engagement ring that you’ll carry from this moment on! Contrary to popular belief, designing your own engagement ring can be an accessible and affordable way to personalize this experience and token of your love!

Choose a jeweler

Your first step will be to find a reputable jeweler to help you design your dream ring. You can consider working with a local jeweler or there are many options available online to collaborate with talented professionals. WIth either option, finding a jeweler who is reliable, with good reviews, and consistent communication is paramount. Some jewelers also have preferences for certain styles or have their own unique flair, so search around until you find who would work best for you! For local or online custom jewelry services, Madberet would love to help you on your path toward creating your dream engagement ring! For custom inquiries, please contact us here.

Choose your center stone

Whether you’re designing an engagement ring for your significant other or you’re embarking on this design journey together, your jeweler’s first step will be to have you choose the cut of your center stone. The center stone will be the star of the show, and cuts include round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, marquise, asscher, and radiant. Different cuts have different personalities and qualities, and you may want to consider the cut that most flatters your hand or finger shape.

Consider your ‘4 C’s’

The ‘4 C’s’ are a term we use in the fine jewelry industry to refer to the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a gemstone. Within each of these categories, there are measurements to determine the quality of a given diamond on each relative scale. These ‘4 C’s’ will provide the outline for the gemstones you will include in your custom engagement ring and your jeweler will guide you toward the best choices for you.

Choose your setting 

The setting is the rest of the ring: the band and the basket which will hold your gemstone or gemstones. The first consideration here will be which type of metal you prefer. For fine jewelery, we typically recommend white, yellow, or rose gold and platinum. Many people choose their metal based off of the color jewelry they typically wear on a daily basis or by which color suits their skin tone best. 

Next, you will look at the width of the band and the basket. Would you prefer a thinner and more dainty look or a more substantial and bold band? You can even customize the band further with a twisted look, a pave band (tiny diamonds encrusting half or even the whole band), engravings, and so much more! The basket which holds your gemstone can also be customized in many ways, and these are both areas where your jeweler can suggest a multitude of customizations to make your ring extra special and sentimental. 

Consult their family and friends

If you are designing a custom engagement ring for your partner without their direct input, one thing you may want to consider is consulting with their close friends and family about their desires and tastes. Perhaps your partner has shared their dream engagement ring preferences with their best friend or mom, and including them in the process may provide some valuable insights into your design process. 

This can also be another sneaky way to figure out your partner’s ring size if you do not already know. You would want the ring to fit on the day of the proposal to avoid it being either too small to wear that day or too large and it risks getting lost. Their friends and family may be able to covertly uncover this information for you if you’re hoping for the ring and its timing to be a complete surprise. 

Design your custom engagement ring with Madberet

Madberet strives to offer quality, personalized consulting and custom design for fine jewelry and engagement rings. We work with you from start to finish to ensure your dream piece of fine jewelry becomes a reality, while offering one-on-one support, education, and expertise! For more information regarding our custom design process, please contact us here.