Design Process Steps

Submit an inquiry or schedule a consultation. Share your initial thoughts on design, budget, timeline, etc. We can start from ground zero or from a design idea.

Meet with Madison, Madberet’s designer, to begin your design. You will review loose diamonds or gemstones that meet your search criteria & discuss the specific details of your design.

Receive a personalized lookbook with your design details & pricing. After your review, modifications and final decision, a 50% deposit will be due to begin the crafting stage.

Madberet's jewelers will expertly craft your design within 4-6 weeks. The final 50% payment will be due after your review of the finished piece. Your beautiful design is proposal ready - that step is up to you!

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What to Expect

  • Diamonds or gemstones tailored to your search
  • Optimization of value within your budget range
  • Luxury quality and expert craftsmanship
  • Unique and personalized design details
  • Educational & collaborative design process
  • Ongoing relationship, servicing & support

Getting Started

Find inspiration in Madberet's classic designs

See our work in the Engagement Rings Gallery

Submit an inquiry by Contacting Madberet

Begin a design by Scheduling a Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of an engagement ring?

Madberet has created engagement rings ranging from $2,000 - $70,000. With a wide range of price variables, we recommend sharing your desired budget range for us to work within. We practice fair & transparent pricing with high quality materials. You will receive a breakdown of each price component of your design. Learn more in our Pricing Guide.

How does Madberet's pricing compare to other jewelers?

Madberet's operations are kept intentionally lean to provide exceptional pricing for luxury quality fine jewelry. With our high quality standards and materials, you should expect for our prices to be more expensive than low budget online retailers.

Our prices are on-par (and often much better) than similar companies & retail jewelers. Overall, our prices directly reflect the quality of our jewelry & service. We are committed to providing options that optimize the value within your budget & to exceeding your expectations in the finished design.

Should I consider buying from a large online seller?

We have a number of customers who come to us after initially buying their ring from a large online seller. They have shared experiences of poor craftsmanship, loose stones, long servicing times & overall lacking customer service. After a poor experience, they work with us to reset their diamond into a design that will last.

In contrast, we offer a personalized and caring approach from the first interaction. Our goal is to create a ring that is beautiful and lasting. We offer a personal, white glove service so that you love your ring and you love your experience of creating and caring for it.

What diamonds and gemstones does Madberet use?

We source stone options that meet your search criteria. We will review them with you to find the perfect stone for your design, preferences & budget. We work most frequently with diamonds (natural or lab) and gemstones (sapphires, rubies & emeralds). We also work with a range of semi-precious gemstones.

How does Madberet source diamonds & gemstones?

We partner with incredible diamond & precious gemstone traders in Chicago & New York. Once we have your design criteria, Madberet collaborates with experts to find the best & most beautiful options for your design. We select diamonds & gemstones that are ethically sourced & graded by reputable grading institutions. This ensures high quality & fair pricing.