Diamond Options

Madberet proudly offers either natural diamonds or lab created diamonds for your engagement ring, wedding ring or fine jewelry design. We provide unbiased education on the comparison. 

What is a diamond?

Diamonds are the earth's hardest mineral. They are made of highly organized carbon atoms in a crystal structure. Diamonds have become a symbol of enduring beauty, love & commitment.

There are two origins of diamonds; natural & lab. Both are chemically & physically exactly the same. The only differences are origin, price & resale value.

There are 4 key characteristics of a diamond; color, clarity, cut & carat. Madberet offer a wide variety of diamond options to suit your budget and preferences.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are formed over billions of years deep beneath the Earth's surface by high pressure & temperature conditions. Natural diamond deposits are found around the world; primarily in Russia, Canada, Botswana, Angola & South Africa.

Madberet works exclusively with respected and trusted diamond traders who are aligned with our high standards for social and environmental practices.

Lab Created Diamonds

Due to advancements in technology, diamonds can be created in a laboratory. The complex growing process replicates the earth's process; exposing pure carbon to extreme pressure & temperature. A lab diamond is created over the course of a few months. The diamonds are expertly cut & graded in the same process as natural diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are made around the world, including here in the U.S. Madberet works with trusted diamond growing companies that lead the industry in sustainable practices.

The Tradeoffs - Natural vs. Lab created diamonds

Natural Diamonds & Lab Created Diamonds are made of the exact same beautiful material; highly organized carbon. They have the same visual, chemical & physical properties. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making them ideal for forever jewelry.

Natural diamonds are more expensive than lab created diamonds. Natural diamonds will retain more value over time. This could be relevant in the future if you are looking to trade or resell your diamond.

Which option is best for you depends on your preferences & budget. Madberet is here to answer questions about diamond options & to help find the perfect diamond for you!

Custom Design Services

Fine jewelry is personal. That is why we have Custom Design Services. We work with you to create personal, unique & beautiful designs. You can work with us via virtual or in-person consultations to explore designs, diamonds & gemstones.