The Design Process

MEET | Meet with Madison, Madberet’s Founder & Designer, to collaborate on your design. You will learn about precious gemstones, metals & design options.

DESIGN | You will receive a Design Lookbook with design options & pricing. When you decide on a final design, a 50% deposit will be due to begin crafting.

CRAFT | Madberet's jewelers will expertly craft your design. The final payment is due after you review the finished piece. Your design is ready to be worn and loved!

How We Design

Fine Jewelry Education

Collaborative Design Process

Precious Gemstones & Metals

Expert Craftsmanship

Ongoing Relationship & Support

Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of creating a custom design?

Madberet uses fair & transparent pricing for every custom design. Every option we explore will fall into your desired budget range. You will receive a full breakdown of the stones, setting, labor & services associated with your design. See our Pricing Guide.

Are custom designs more expensive?

Surprisingly, no! Jewelry pricing is based on materials, labor & craftsmanship experience. The cost of a custom engagement ring with Madberet will be comparable with companies which share similar high craftsmanship standards. We work hard to find stone options that are optimal for your budget & that exceed your expectations.

What diamonds and gemstones does Madberet use?

We source stone options & review them with you to find the perfect stone for your design, preferences & budget. We work most frequently with diamonds (lab and natural) and other precious gemstones (sapphires, rubies & emeralds). We also work with a range of semi-precious gemstones.

How does Madberet source diamonds & gemstones?

We partner with incredible diamond & precious gemstone traders in Chicago & New York. Once we have your design criteria, Madberet collaborates with experts to find the best & most beautiful options for your design. We select diamonds & gemstones that are ethically sourced & graded by reputable grading institutions. This ensures high quality & fair pricing.