Diamond Shape Options

Round Diamond

Round brilliant diamonds are the most iconic diamond shape. The symmetry & dimensions optimize light performance, creating incredible sparkle.

Emerald Diamond

Emerald diamonds have larger facets that create a beautiful & subtle sparkle. The sharp lines within the rectangular shape create an elegant stone style.

Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds are a beloved shape for good reasons... The elongated shape, rounded edges & beautiful sparkle creates a captivating diamond.

Cushion Diamond

Cushion diamonds are a rectangular shape with rounded corners, creating a pillow-like appearance. These range in dimensions from squared to elongated.

Asscher Diamond

Asscher diamonds are a rare and beautiful shape. Similar to the emerald, they have larger facets and clean lines that create a subtly beautiful sparkle.

Radiant Diamond

Radiant diamonds have it all... a brilliant sparkle, rectangular shape & elongated ratio. This diamond shape has a sleek, modern & sparkling style.

Pear Diamond

Pear diamonds are for those who find beauty in asymmetry. The eye-catching sparkle and elongated ratio make this a beloved diamond shape.

Marquise Diamond

Marquise diamonds are sharp yet feminine, classic yet uncommon. The contrast in the sharp corners and rounded center creates a unique style.

Princess Diamond

Princess diamonds have a square shape to create a contemporary look with a classic sparkle. They are perfect for those with refined and modern style.

The 4Cs of Diamonds


The color scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (yellow/brown color). Colorless diamonds are considered the highest quality & value. Most of our diamonds range from D-J. Most people cannot start to see color present until grade I or J.


The clarity scale measures irregularities in the crystal structure, known as inclusions. All diamonds are expected to have inclusions. The most important thing is that there are minimal visible inclusions that create dark spots in the diamond.


The cut grade indicates how precisely a diamond is cut to create fire & brilliance (sparkle). Lower cut grades indicate a dull, cloudy or dark appearance from lost light. Only round diamonds receive cut grades. Others have symmetry & polish grades.


Carat is a measure of a diamond's weight. Remember this...
1) A smaller, high quality diamond looks better than larger, low quality diamond. 2) The size should be comfortable to wear frequently. 3) Stones look 20% bigger once put in a setting.

Diamond & Gemstone Bands

When creating diamond and gemstone bands, there are a lot of important details to consider. We will work with you to select the perfect shapes, dimensions, setting & stone layout for your band. Learn about the diamonds and the gemstones we work with.