About Madberet

More than fashion and design, fine jewelry embodies the love and chapters of our lives. Every Madberet piece is a celebration of expression, elegance and craftsmanship.

Our Founder & Designer

Madison Wright is Madberet's founder and designer. Madison is passionate about sharing jewelry education and building a simple and beautiful life. She is building Madberet to be at the intersection of timeless style and meaningful moments. 

Building Madberet & creating your fine jewelry is an honor & joy.
The spark for Madberet happened years ago while I was working part-time job at a jewelry store. While I was there, I learned that fine jewelry is more than beautiful designs & gemstones. Fine jewelry is meaningful. It represents your style, your milestones & the people you love. I became dedicated to building a company that creates fine jewelry that is both beautiful & meaningful. Whether your jewelry represents your style, love, wedding, birthday or any other milestone, we take pride in our designs being a beautiful & meaningful part of your life.

With gratitude,

Our Company

Passionately Created

Madison Wright founded Madberet with a passion for beautiful, quality & meaningful fine jewelry. Madberet exists to creates fine jewelry for you to wear every day & love forever.

Chicago Built

Madberet is based in Chicago. We welcome visitors by-appointment to our showroom in the West Loop neighbhorhood. We partner directly with diamond & gemstone traders in Chicago & New York to source the perfect gemstones for your designs.

Expertly Crafted

We are obsessed with quality. Madberet fine jewelry is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted by bench jewelers with decades of experience. Our talented master jeweler hand-crafts many Madberet designs.

Our Custom Design Services

Fine jewelry is personal. That is why we have Custom Design Services. We collaborate with you to create personal, unique & beautiful designs. You can schedule a virtual or in-person consultation to explore ideas, diamonds & gemstones for your design.

Our Commitments

Value & Quality

The value of Madberet designs is in
our expert craftsmanship, fair pricing
and luxury quality.

Responsible Materials

Our diamonds & gemstones are
sustainably sourced, ethically created, conflict-free & beautifully brilliant.

Customer Benefits

We offer servicing for Madberet jewelry,
perks for customers & exclusive benefits
for custom design and wedding clients.