The History & Meaning of the Ma Moitié Ring

The History & Meaning of the Ma Moitié Ring / Gimmel Ring

Jewelry is an age-old craft with centuries of rich history. The Ma Moitié Ring has a special place in history as an ancestor to modern engagement rings and wedding bands. The design is also known as a gimmel ring. It is made of two interlocking bands that perfectly unite to form a single gold band. It is a simple and intricate design with rich history and meaning.  

The History 

The gimmel ring dates as far back as 16th century France. Simple gold wedding bands had been around for centuries before. Rings became more complex and symbolic around the 16th century with gems, symbols and engraving. The gimmel ring maintained a simple gold band design with the beautiful and somewhat hidden symbolism in how the rings perfectly come together. 

The Meaning 

The design of the gimmel ring symbolizes two separate lives coming together to make one strong and cohesive whole. The interior of the bands can be engraved with significant names, sayings and dates. 

This antique design has fallen out of the spotlight of modern jewelry design and is made by few jewelers today. Madberet designed the Ma Moitié Ring to honor the centuries-old history & bring the meaningful design into our modern love stories.

Madberet Ma Moitié Gimmel Ring on Hand

Madberet Ma Moitié Ring Gimmel Ring Unique Wedding Band

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