Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of creating a custom design?

Madberet uses fair & transparent pricing for every custom design. Every option we explore will fall into your desired budget range. You will receive a full breakdown of the stones, setting, labor & services associated with your design. Generally, custom designs begin around $650.

Are custom designs more expensive?

Surprisingly, no! Jewelry pricing is based on materials, labor & craftsmanship experience. The cost of a custom engagement ring with Madberet will be comparable with companies which share similar high craftsmanship standards. We work hard to find stone options that are optimal for your budget & that exceed your expectations.

How is pricing determined for a custom design? 

  • Custom designs start at $650. 
  • Pricing is determined by metal type and weight, number of stones, stone size and quality, types of setting, and labor required: rendering, molding, wax modeling, casting, polishing, torch soldering, laser soldering, milgraining and engraving, etc. 
  • We detail pricing into specific categories to provide you with a full understanding of the cost. 
  • Pricing is reflective of many factors including, but not limited to: The time and expertise involved in developing a custom luxury design. The utilization of our office, workshops, professional tools and technology. The partnership with our jewelers, who are highly skilled experts and wonderful people who we pay fairly. The partnerships across the industry, including gemstone suppliers, gemcutters, vendors, etc. who we pay fairly.
  • Madberet creates custom, luxury quality jewelry. We do not cut corners. We do not create for the masses. 
  • Please consider the information above before negotiating with us on your custom design. We keep our company and operations intentionally lean to offer fair pricing. Quoted prices are a representation of the high quality materials and craftsmanship that are required to make each piece of fine jewelry. Because of this, we have very limited flexibility on pricing. 

What diamonds and gemstones does Madberet use?

We source stone options & review them with you to find the perfect stone for your design, preferences & budget. We work most frequently with diamonds (lab and natural) and other precious gemstones (sapphires, rubies & emeralds). We also work with a range of semi-precious gemstones.

How does Madberet source diamonds & gemstones?

We have established partnerships with incredible diamond & precious gemstone traders in Chicago & New York. Once we have your design criteria, Madberet collaborates with experts to find the best & most beautiful options for your design. We select diamonds & gemstones that are ethically sourced & graded by reputable grading institutions. This ensures high quality & fair pricing in your selection.

How do I begin shopping for an engagement ring?

First, have a budget and a general style in mind. When you’re ready, schedule a consultation to meet with our designer, who will guide you through jewelry education & design decisions; metal, stones, designs, etc. 

Is custom jewelry more expensive than a ready-made piece of jewelry?

For the custom designs process, you tell us your budget and we will create a beautiful design within it. You can work with our designer as long as it takes, never at an additional cost. So no, a custom is not more expensive than a comparable ready-made piece. 

What is the price range for custom design? Does it cost extra to custom design jewelry?

There is no upcharge for choosing to custom design your jewelry. The price purely depends on the amount of labor and the type of materials involved in creating your piece. You will receive a quote after your first design consultation. 

How long does it take to design a piece of custom jewelry?

  • It takes 1-3 weeks to create your design lookbook
  • It takes 4-6 weeks to produce a custom design after the design is approved
  • If your project involves multiple designs or complex elements, please expect an extended timeline
  • Demand for our work is high. Our team is highly skilled, professional and intentionally small. We can be moderately flexible with timelines, but cannot guarantee rush projects.
  • Please communicate any critical timelines so that we can best accommodate you

How much does it cost to ship? Is shipping jewelry insured?

For designs in our collection, we offer free shipping for orders over $250. Shipping is $5 for orders under $250. For custom designs, free overnight shipping is included with your purchase. 

Shipping is a very safe option. However, we do believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Shipping is insured for 100% value of the item to arrive at the destination. If you would like to require a signature for delivery, please contact Madberet to request this service. 

What kinds of custom designs does Madberet make?

We custom design engagement rings, wedding bands, tennis bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms and any person designs. 

Madberet designs are fine jewelry, which includes precious metals (solid gold & platinum) and precious/semi-precious gemstones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, alexandrite, spinel, tourmaline, aquamarine, garnet, etc.) We do not work with non-precious metals (silver, tungsten, titanium, etc.) because they cannot be resized and can change over time. 

Can I use my own gemstones in a custom piece?

Absolutely! There is a $100-150 service charge for removing stones from an existing design. Once you have talked with us about your custom design, you can ship or bring your stones to us. 

How does the resetting process work? 

  • We will work with stones that you bring us, provided that they are not cracked or chipped and that they are the appropriate hardness for the type of piece you wish to have made.
  • We will not use your diamonds or gemstones if they are under 2mm and you wish to have them channel, bead or pave set. We use our own highly calibrated stones to ensure uniformity, longevity and to meet our standards of quality. 
  • If your diamonds or gemstones are being shipped to us, they need to be insured in the shipping process. This required documentation of the quality and value (an appraisal or an accredited certificate is best). It is your responsibility to know (and prove) what you are sending us. We will advise you on how to secure documentation and shipping insurance. Once we receive your package we will verify its contents and contact you. Your items are insured against loss or theft while they are in our possession.
  • There is a risk that your gemstone or diamond could crack or break upon removal or setting. You assume this risk. We can replace your stones at-cost if they are damaged during the removal process. We recommend having your pieces insured before we work on them.
  • There is a $100-150 service charge to remove stones from old settings. Often stones crack or break upon removal. You assume this risk. We recommend having your pieces insured before we work on them.
  • We use freshly alloyed, ethically sourced, mostly recycled gold and platinum for all of our designs. We will not re-use your gold. The process of reusing gold is complicated, the results are inferior, and the savings are negligible. We can recommend resources for selling your scrap gold. 
  • After your piece is finished, we recommend you secure insurance. We will provide you with an appraisal if we provide your stones. If we used your stones, you can choose to purchase an appraisal for your piece. 

Can I work with Madberet if I don’t live in Chicago?

Good news - we offer fully virtual custom design services. We will meet via Zoom to discuss your design, then communicate with you via email, text message and/or phone (your preference) with updates while we are crafting your design. You will receive photos & videos of your custom design when it is ready! 

How do I choose an engagement ring or wedding band style?

We would love to work with you on finding the perfect design for your style & your budget. Once we have discussed your design, we will put together a lookbook with reference photos & design sketches for you to review. You can also look for inspiration on our Custom Design Gallery or Instagram (@madberet). 

What is Madberet’s payment process for custom designs? 

  • After you have selected a final design concept, a 50% deposit is required to begin crafting your piece. After the deposit, we will create a CAD & a wax model. We will keep you posted on our progress as we craft your design.
  • The 50% deposit is applied toward total project cost and is non-refundable after we have started crafting your design.
  • The final 50% of payment is due upon project completion. We accept cash, credit card or check. We do offer a financing plan - please read below. 
  • Custom designs are non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with your design, we can discuss recreating it for either no cost or only the cost of metal & labor. 

Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through Shop Pay, which splits your payments into 4 equal installments, two weeks apart, with no fees. Shop Pay is only applicable for US-based customers. For custom designs, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin production. The final 50% payment is due before your final design is picked up or shipped to you. 

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We will only deliver you a finished product that we are proud of. We work closely with you throughout the process so we are all on the same page and you are 100% satisfied with your design. If for any reason you are displeased with your jewelry piece when you receive it, let us know and we will fix or remake it. If it is made differently than what we discussed, we will cover the cost of remaking it. If you have changed your mind about what you would like, the cost to change is only the cost of metal & labor to remake your design. 

Do you offer a warranty?

For designs in our collection, we offer a 30-day return or exchange window from the day your piece is delivered. Your piece will be approved for a return or exchange if it is free of damage, warping or scratches. 

Custom Designs are final sale, but we can work with you to reset your piece if you are not completely satisfied. 

Fine jewelry is malleable & can be damaged from wear & tear over time. We try our best to make pieces that will withstand the test of time, metal is subject to bends and scratches, or stones become loose or damaged. We recommend getting your fine jewelry serviced one a year by our team or a reputable local jeweler. We are always here to help with any & all of your fine jewelry needs! 

What is your ring resizing policy?

We understand ring sizing can be tricky. Ring resizing is complementary the first time on all rings, within 30-days of delivery, or within 30-days after your proposal. However, conditions apply to eternity bands because some cannot be resized. In those cases we need to make absolutely sure that we have the correct size before we create the ring. If it does not fit, we can remake your ring to be the perfect size for the cost of metal & labor. 

Do you include an appraisal for insurance?

An appraisal is provided with every custom piece. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer normal jewelry repairs and services for pieces not from Madberet?

Yes. We do resizing, repairs and engraving. Whether you need a cleaning, a stone reset, a watch battery replaced, or a piece completely rebuilt, we can do it.

How do I care for my jewelry?

A great rule of thumb is to treat your jewelry like you would treat a car. You can wear your jewelry every day. To take the best care of it, it should be cleaned as-needed & regularly serviced. You can clean it at-home by soaking it in hot water with a dash of dish soap, then using a soft–brush toothbrush to scrub it. Dry by dabbing it with a towel. You can also have it professionally cleaned by the Madberet team or a reputable local jeweler every 6-12 months. 

Engagement rings & wedding bands can be re-polished, inspected & serviced by a jeweler while they are being professionally cleaned. 

Other than cleaning & servicing, we also recommend removing jewelry when exercising or lifting things, when swimming, when cleaning & when applying products. We do not recommend stacking metal against diamonds, because the diamonds will scratch the metal. 

Have another question for us? 

Please Contact Madberet with more questions! 

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