Pricing Guide

Below is a list of baseline pricing for Madberet's fine jewelry crafting & services. These prices do not include the cost of stones, which is highly variable by stone type. We will provide pricing for the stone(s) you are considering during your design consultation. Madberet uses fair & transparent pricing, providing the best value & design that fits your desired budget. For custom designs, we provide a full price breakdown of the stones, setting & labor after your first design consultation

  • Custom Engagement Ring Setting: $1250+ 
  • Women's Wedding Band: $130+ 
  • Men's Wedding Band: $300+ 
  • Custom Earrings, Necklace or Bracelet: $650+ 
  • Tennis Bracelet: $1000+ 
  • Tennis Necklace: $2000+ 
  • Ring Resizing: $90-140 
  • Machine Engraving: $45-90 
  • Hand Engraving: $120+
  • Jewelry Repair & Servicing: $30+ 
  • Jewelry Cleaning: $15 

Please contact Madberet with pricing questions or to request a quote.

    Custom Design Services

    Fine jewelry is personal. That is why we have Custom Design Services. We work with you to create personal, unique & beautiful designs. You can work with us via virtual or in-person consultations to explore designs, diamonds & gemstones.

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    Our Commitments

    Value & Quality

    The value of Madberet designs is in
    our expert craftsmanship, fair pricing
    and luxury quality.

    Responsible Materials

    Our diamonds & gemstones are
    sustainably sourced, ethically created, conflict-free & beautifully brilliant.

    Customer Benefits

    We offer servicing for Madberet jewelry,
    perks for customers & exclusive benefits
    for custom design and wedding clients.