How Fine Jewelry is Made

How Fine Jewelry is Made

The craft of creating fine jewelry (made of precious metals and stones) dates back tens of thousands of years. The processes, techniques and tools used have been developed by expert craftsmen throughout the long history. Today, there are new techniques and technologies being created that continue to advance the craft. The magic of fine jewelry extends beyonds its history & craftsmanship... it is made of strong, durable and beautiful precious metals and gemstones that can last forever. 

There are 6 steps that transform a design from an idea to a beautiful piece of jewelry...


How Fine Jewelry is Made

1. Sketching 

A jewelry designer or a design customer come up with the concept for a piece of jewelry. A sketch is created which details the design, dimensions & specifications.

2. 3D Modeling 

The sketch is translated into a digital 3D model by a CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer. The jewelry designer & the CAD designer collaborate over every detail of the design.

3. 3D Printing

The digital 3D model is printed into a wax mold using a 3D printer. The designer and the bench jeweler review the wax model before using it to cast the design in the precious metal of choice.

4. Metal Casting

Using a technique called 'lost wax casting', hot liquid metal is poured into a cylinder that holds the wax mold. The wax melts away and the metal cools to into the design casted in metal.

5. Setting

The structure of the design is refined and prepared for stone setting. Stones are set using the best technique for the design. Setting involves bending, soldering, cutting and shaping the metal to secure the stones.

6. Polishing

The piece is polished by hand using a rotating polishing tool to make the metal shine. Engraving can be done to capture the symbolism of the piece. 

Now, the piece is finished & goes on its way to be worn & loved by the recipient! 

The jewelry designers, CAD designers and bench jewelers involved in this process are a cohesive team of craftspeople who have dedicated their professional lives to making jewelry worthy of being worn every day & loved forever. Creating fine jewelry that is important to our customers is a privilege that we are grateful to engage with every day. 

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