Why You Should Choose Solid Gold Jewelry

why you should choose solid gold jewelry

Solid Gold in Jewelry

Solid gold is a great metal for jewelry. It's high quality, beautiful, durable and retains its value over time. Solid gold and platinum are precious metals in the fine jewelry category. These metals have characteristics that make them perfect for jewelry that people wear every day and want to have forever. There are variations of solid gold, including the karatage (percentage of pure gold) and color (yellow, white & rose). 

Solid Gold Characteristics

solid gold characteristics

Solid Gold Characteristic Details


Pure gold is combined with other metals like copper, zinc, silver and nickel to create metal alloys such as 14k, 18k, 20k, etc. These metal alloys are durable, allowing the jewelry to withstand bumps, pulls and scratches with little to no damage.

Never tarnishes or fades

Solid gold is one of the only metals that does not tarnish. Alternatives such as gold plated, gold filled & vermeil will lose their gold layer, some sooner than others, to reveal the base metal. Did you know that even silver tarnishes over time? 

Retains value over time

Gold has been a valuable metal for as long as there has been trade. Still connected to monetary markets, the value of gold fluctuates and grows over time. (Should you ever trade in your jewelry, the trade might be below the retail value you purchased it for.)

Can be repaired & resized

The fine jewelry you wear every day might eventually be in need of repair. The good news is, jewelers will be able to easily fix most pieces. It can also be resized; chain can be added to extend bracelets & necklaces. Rings can be resized to adjust to the size of your fingers as they inevitably change over time.


If you have sensitive skin, yellow gold is one of the most hypoallergenic options for jewelry. If your skin is sensitive and develops rashes or discoloration when wearing jewelry, solid yellow gold is a great option to try. 

Has a vibrant & warm luster

Gold jewelry is timeless and beautiful. The natural yellow tone has a vibrant and warm luster that looks beautiful in day & night.   

Has industry-regulated quality standards

Solid gold & platinum are the only metals that are industry-regulated for quality. Solid gold jewelry is regulated for its percentage of pure gold. USA regulations require it to have a quality mark; this is an etching of the gold karatage (ex; 14K). Gold plated, gold filled & vermeil have gold over a base metal and are not industry regulated. 

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